Its a Celebration!!!

O what a wonderful weekend it was!  Friday, I had yet another birthday and what a weekend celebration it was!  I was lucky enough to get Friday off of work, so my lil sis, Brody, Eric, and I went to mom and dads for a good home cooked supper of chicken n noodles, mashed potato's and so much more.  Desert was a real treat of homade cherry cobbler made by the one and only Shirley!  That recipe is soon to come, let me tell you its the best cherry cobbler you have ever tasted, my mouth waters just thinking about it.  After such a wonderful dinner we headed to the homestead.  I found these really cool squiggly balloons (pictured above) that we all blew up and my fantastic day ended with a much needed laughter filled balloon fight between us all!  Brody loved it as much as I did!  After taking my lil sis home Saturday, Brody went to visit with grandma and grandpa and momma was out with her friends.  All I wanted for my birthday was time spent with great friends and that's just what I got.  We went to Shelbyville's Live Casino and had a fabulous time!  I highly recommend it for the fine buffet (yes I know I sound old) a chance to win a couple bucks....if your anything like me you'll loose a couple before you ever win a couple.  What a great birthday it was from an ever grateful birthday girl. 

Here are a few pics from our night out!

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