National FFA Week

Its that time of year, National FFA Week!  Hearing all the advertisements on the radio, seeing all the gold and blue takes me back to the good ol days.  Days that I didn't realize were so good until  they were long gone.  FFA is one of those "clubs" in high school that isn't really a "club"...it's more like family.  You are making friendships and connections that will last you a lifetime throughout the agriculture community.  You are creating skills and polishing yourself for the future and you don't even know it.  I have recently found myself reaching back to my FFA days.  I have been going through multiple interviews and find myself recalling going to district and state competition in job interview as well as public speaking, all of which help me get through my interviews now.  I think my favorite memories from the FFA revolve around livestock judging and freezing my butt off practicing and going to contests.  If I died today and could give my son any advice about high school it would be participate in events you are passionate in and participate in FFA no matter what kind of criticism you might take.  Its worth it.  I couldn't have imagined high school without the friendships and knowledge that were gained through FFA.  Its an organization that remains in my heart, I remain passionate about, and still plays a vital role in my life.  Whats your favorite FFA memory? 

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  1. Well said Maria! I was just thinking about all the good times we use to have at conventions. They do so many new things now that gets more "city kids" involved and I think that is great.